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View Resource Bering Climate

The beauty of the Web as a communication tool for scientists is the opportunity for instantaneously exchanging and sharing datasets and finding. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has developed an amazing site, offering exceptionally well organized access to its databases including the categories of Climate Indices, Atmosphere, Ocean, Fishery, and Biology. These entire project is all...
View Resource University of Delaware: Synoptic Climatology Lab

"The synoptic climatology group performs research involving numerous applied climatological issues that affect humans and other organisms around the world." This University of Delaware website presents the lab's research in six main topics: Heat/Health Watch-Warning System (HHWWS); Ongoing Climate and Health Research; Applied Climate Indices; Air Mass Monitoring and Classification; International...
View Resource Earth Climate Course

Through their interactive website and educational outreach efforts, NASA?s Goddard Institute for Space Studies brings many of their research findings to the general public. In this particular learning module, educators and students will get the chance to learn about how a planet?s climate is determined. The primary aim of the module is ?for students to develop a scientific view that our envir...
View Resource Meteorology Education & Training

Designed as part of the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET), the Meteorology Education & Training website provides a wide range of resources designed for budding meteorologists and those with a general interest in the field. From the homepage, visitors will find sections such as "Topics", "Communities", "Resources", and an "About" area. Within the...
View Resource Climatology and Paleoclimatology Resources

The Climatology and Paleoclimatology Resources Web site is provided by Steven Baum of the Texas A&M University Department of Oceanography. Visitors will find links to climate data and information sites, climate modeling groups, etextual documents, climate data list, relevant textbooks, as well as Models and other software. Each of the subject areas contain dozens of Web sites along with brief...
View Resource Students and Teachers: Curriculum Materials

From the Commonwealth of Australia Bureau of Meteorology comes the Students and Teachers: Curriculum Materials Web site. Educators will find more than twenty activities and lesson plans related to weather with titles such as: A Pet Cloud, Bottled Pressure, Colors of the Sky, El Nino and Rainfall, High and Low Pressure Systems, and The Ups and Downs of Ozone. The main page includes a description...
View Resource Tree House Weather Kids

From the University of Illinois Extension comes the Weather One instructional Web site for kids. The lesson consists of six pages that cover various weather related topics including seasons, clouds, the atmosphere, wind, global warming, and storms. Each page describes the particular subject, provides related photographs, and contains several activities that reinforce the learning. For example,...
View Resource Network Montana Project Instructional Materials

Montana State University maintains the Network Montana Project Instructional Materials Web site. The four subject areas covered include the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and mountain environments. Each of these contain "Information Rich Problem Solving Activities" categorized by expertise level ranging from novice to expert. In the geosphere novice level, for example, the Exploding Mountain...
View Resource The Weather Dude

The Weather Dude is a weather education Web site offered by meteorologist Nick Walker of The Weather Channel. For kids, the site offers a great online textbook entitled Weather Basics, which explains everything from precipitation to the seasons, using simple text and fun graphics. Other fun things for kids include weather songs, questions and quizzes, weather proverbs, and more. Teachers are also...
View Resource Internet Weather Links: Weather and Weather Related Lesson Plans

The Internet Weather Links is a collection of lesson plans provided by the Utah Education Network's Weather Report Web site. The activities are organized by grade level from kindergarten to fourth grade and include such topics as Sunny Colors, Weather in a Box, Changes Due to Freezing, and Geological Features. Each lesson is well organized with explanations of its objectives, intended learning...
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