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View Resource TeachEngineering: Big Data, What Are You Saying?

Big data is the massive accumulation of digital information collected by governments, corporations, and other institutions. Although "we analyze and utilize less than one-half a percent of the data that exists," big data is a quickly growing field with implications spanning from healthcare and policy decision-making to entertainment. High school educators looking to introduce students to this...

View Resource All Hail the Algorithm

Big data and algorithms are everywhere, but how much do they really affect everyday life, and in what ways? These are the main questions under discussion in All Hail the Algorithm, a five-part video series published by Al Jazeera in July 2019. Presented and produced by multimedia journalist Ali Rae, this series examines and critiques the effects of algorithms and the tech companies who create...

View Resource Big Data & Society

Big Data & Society is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that publishes scholarly work "in the social sciences, humanities and computing and their intersections with the arts and natural sciences about the implications of Big Data for societies." First published in 2014, this peer-reviewed, digital-only journal includes original research, as well as commentaries, editorials, and multimedia...

View Resource Women in Data Science Podcast

Readers who are considering pursuing a career related to Big Data and the generally curious, may want to check out the Women in Data Science Podcast. Launched in 2018, this well-produced and approachable podcast is part of Stanford University's Women in Data Science initiative. Episodes feature the host Margot Gerritsen, a Stanford professor of energy resources engineering and the former director...

View Resource The Guardian: Australian Bird of the Year (2019)

The Guardian in collaboration with BirdLife Australia is currently running their second Australian Bird of the Year poll where readers can vote for their favorite feathered fauna among the 50 nominated species. To help voters make their decision, The Guardian has also published numerous articles (accompanied by stunning photographs), videos, and other content shedding light on the country's...