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View Resource The British Library: Anglo-Saxons

Readers curious about medieval British history may want to check out the British Library's new resource on the Anglo-Saxons. Launched in February 2019, this ongoing digital project focuses on the time period from "the end of Roman rule in Britain to the Norman Conquest of England" and covers "who [the Anglo-Saxons] were, where they came from, their culture, their influence on modern-day Britain,...

View Resource The Geological Society: Plate Tectonics

Teachers and students of earth science and physical geography, as well as the generally curious, may find this educational resource on plate tectonics helpful. This resource comes from the Geological Society of London, a nonprofit professional organization founded in 1807, making it the world's oldest geological society. On the main page, visitors will find an interactive world map that can be...

View Resource City Nature Challenge

The City Nature Challenge offers readers a fun and educational excuse to go outside and take pictures of their local flora and fauna for science (and to defend their city's honor). This annual citizen science project began in 2016 as a friendly rivalry between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since then, it has grown into an international "bioblitz-style competition where cities are in a contest...

View Resource The Children's Picture Book Project

Children's books can offer a great deal to slightly older learners as well. In this multi-session lesson from ReadWriteThink (see the 7-17-2015 Scout Report), high school students "plan, write, illustrate, and publish their own children's picture books" over eight 50-minute sessions. Students begin by reviewing their favorite books from childhood in small groups using a provided guide "to gain an...

View Resource SkillsCommons

Educators and learners in a variety of industries, particularly those at the community college level, may be interested in SkillsCommons, a repository of Open Education Resources (OER) aimed primarily at workforce development. This digital library initially launched in 2014 and contains a wide variety of learning materials produced by the over 700 community colleges that have been grantees of the...