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American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research Economic Outlook: Interest Rates

The September 1999 issue of Economic Outlook, from the AEI, consists of an article by John H. Makin explaining interest rate behaviors, including the role of government financial activity, a definition of the Fisher Equation, and the effects of cost-push inflation.
IMF Annual Report 1998

Released in September 1998, the IMF Annual Report covers world economic events to April 30, 1998 in 13 searchable files. The effects of key developments such as the Asian Financial Crisis on advanced, developing, and transition economies are discussed as well IMF reaction and structural change.
National Economists Club

Founded in 1968, the National Economists Club (NEC) is an educational organization which "aims to encourage and sponsor discussion and an exchange of ideas on economic trends and issues that are relevant for public policy." They sponsor a wide range of activities and one of their most compelling efforts of late can be found on this site. In January 2007, they began recording their luncheon...
United Nations Statistics Division: Social Indicators

The UNSD continually updates its social indicators page. Data is available on population, human settlements, water supply, housing, health, education, literacy, unemployment, income, and child-bearing.
World Resources 1996-97: A Guide to the Global Environment

Full text of _World Resources 1996-97: A Guide to the Global Environment_, produced by the World Resources Institute, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme, and World Bank, is available via the Web. It is the official source book for the United Nations Habitat II Conference being held in Istanbul, Turkey June 3-14, 1996. The tenth edition of _World Resources_...
World Social Science Report 2010

Where are people most likely to study the social sciences? Where are most of the academic publications in social sciences based? These are but a few of the questions asked (and answered) within the pages of the World Social Sciences Report 2010. The report was compiled by a blue-ribbon panel of social science experts. Interestingly, this report was a follow-up to the World Social Science Report...