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Stock market.


NASDAQ Newsroom

NASDAQ News is designed to be an "online news resource for reporters or anyone interested in learning about the NASDAQ Stock Market." At the site you can listen to hourly reports about the NASDAQ market (ShockWave plug-in required) and learn about how the NASDAQ Stock Market works. The site also contains press releases about the NASDAQ market, a list of upcoming IPOs (initial public offerings) and...

The NASDAQ Trader site is divided into Trading Data, Trading Services, and Market Data Services. The Trading Data section provides monthly and quarterly NASDAQ share volume reports for all market participants trading in each NASDAQ stock, daily NASDAQ 100 index and changes in the names and symbols of NASDAQ stocks. Trading Services provides descriptions of trading products and services, trading...
Chicago Board Options Exchange Understanding Stock Options

Understanding Stock Options by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) provides a good non-technical introduction to options. It explains the benefits of options, differences between options and stocks, the pricing of options, and it provides some basic options strategies. Fischer Black and Myron Scholes first published their formula for valuing an option in 1973. Robert Merton independently...
Google's IPO

While the boom and bust IPO craze of the nineties has largely been replaced by wary investors and a battlefield of tech startups, possibly the biggest IPO of the millennium is about to take place. Google, the inimitable company that has defined the use of the Internet and transformed its name into a verb, is soon to hit the market. In an amusing test, a search for "Google IPO" on Google itself...