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Educational technology -- Great Britain

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View Resource BECTa: British Educational and Communications Technology Agency

BECTa is the premiere Website for information on Educational Communications and Technology in Britain, offering information on ICT (Information and Communications Technology) issues in curriculum, pedagogy, and policy-making. The site provides reports on educational projects employing ICT; discussions of related instructional issues, such as dealing with undesirable Internet material in an...
View Resource British Interactive Group

Everyone in the world of exhibit design and "hands-on" learning will benefit from a online visit to the homepage of the British Interactive Group (BIG). The group is designed to support the endeavors of a broad constituency, including educators, students, artists, and archaeologists, among others. Visitors to the site can learn about a host of "best practice" techniques in the field of exhibit and...
View Resource BBC: Little Animals Activity Center

The Little Animals Activity Centre from BBC Schools, an educational program of the British broadcasting giant, is "a fun way for 4-8 year olds to learn and play at home." Animal graphics are used as links to various activities that engage children in reading, spelling, art, and mathematics. Mathematics lessons in addition and subtraction are led by Count Hoot, an owl. The interactive games allow...