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Looking to transform those whiteboard photos into PDFs? (UN)WHITEBOARD has you covered. Simply email photos of your whiteboard work can be emailed to All you need to do is email your whiteboard photos to the provided email address and you’ll receive some rather nice PDFs for your convenience. Before getting started, a sample converted document can be viewed on the site. This version is compatible...
Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ

Gerald Boyd has spent much time learning the internal syntax of web search engines. He has made the fruits of his labor available at an ftp site. Interested Internauts can download FAQs on how to query fifteen generic and eight specialty search engines by email. Included are Alta Vista, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, Infoseek, OKRA, Open Text, SwitchBoard, TheList, and others. Also included is a FAQ...

Gmail users interested in adding some simplicity to their lives will want to check out, a tool that identifies websites that you've previously signed up for in order to help users unsubscribe. By visiting the website above and signing into Google, users can see the names of organizations and businesses where they currently have subscriptions. For each email list, visitors can select to...
E-Mail Overload In Congress: Managing a Communications Crisis

The first in a series of Online Issue Briefs presented to congressional offices by the Congress Online Project, this report examines the email overload in Congress. The email flow to the House of Representatives, for instance, more than doubled between 1998 and 2000 and continues to increase by an average of one million messages per month. The report strongly recommends that Congressional offices...
Finding an e-mail address

Finding an e-mail address: A site devoted to walking people through the sometimes difficult process of finding e-mail addresses, with connections to Finger, Whois, Knowbot, Netfind and X. 500 databases. An in-depth hypertext FAQ on how to find addresses is available. Resources includes a list of country codes with e-mail access, lists of college and university home pages (alphabetical and...
Getting Serious Online: As Americans Gain Experience, They Use the Web More at Work, Write Emails with More Significant Content, Perform More Online Transactions, and Pursue More Serious Activities

As readers of this report will discover, Americans are growing more sophisticated in their use of the Internet, both in terms of what they want out of it, as well as how they lend themselves to it. The Pew Internet Project reports that Americans are becoming increasingly more demanding and thoughtful when it comes to the Web, spending more time interacting with it in personally meaningful ways,...

Hush Communications recently unveiled HushMail, the Web's first free email client with 1,024-bit encryption. This email service uses a Java applet to encrypt and decrypt messages sent between users with HushMail accounts. The developers of HushMail call this process a "public key cryptosystem with roaming user capability." HushMail offers the ease of use of Web-based email while providing the...
ICQ 2000b Beta

The latest beta release of the universally popular instant messaging program ICQ ("I seek you") contains a number of new features, including ICQphone, which makes it possible for users to initiate and participate in PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone calls, support for SMS technology, integration with Outlook, and email address import, among others. Users can download ICQ 2000b Beta for free at the ICQ...
Internetwork Mail Guide

The Internetwork Mail Guide, recently updated, documents methods of sending mail from one network to another. It represents the aggregate knowledge of the readers of comp.mail.misc and many contributors from other sources. The Guide explains e-mail sending conventions between different combinations of many different networks. It is provided by Scott Yanoff. Also available is a forms-based service...

Maildrop is a service that provides free, disposable email addresses to use when signing up for new websites or apps. These mailboxes are designed to be temporary and transient. A Maildrop inbox can hold at most 10 messages, and an inbox that doesn't receive a message within 24 hours is automatically cleared. No attachments are allowed and messages larger than 100KiB will be discarded. Per the...
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