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Internet -- Maps

View Resource An Atlas of Cyberspaces

"CyberGeography is the study of the spatial nature of computer communications networks, particularly the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other electronic 'places' that exist behind our computer screens, popularly referred to as cyberspace." The Atlas of Cyberspaces highlights many efforts from around the world to visualize this type of information. Some of the features have links to download...
View Resource WhatWasThere

Have you ever walked by a busy street corner and wondered what was there 20, 30, 50, or 60 years ago? If you have, the WhatWasThere site may be able to provide you with answers. The premise of the site is simple: the team at WhatWasThere has provided a platform where anyone can upload a photograph with two tags (location and year) so that others can learn more about the built environment. Visitors...

View Resource Historypin

Historypin is "a global community collaborating around history," and they have successfully "pinned down" over 281 thousand items to various locations around the world. Over 1,400 institutions and 50 thousand visitors have participated thus far. It's a remarkable experiment in community mapping of everything from Hurricane Sandy to sharing memories of the Queen's visits to foreign lands. Visitors...

View Resource City 2.0

TED's City 2.0 is "a gathering place for urban citizens to share innovations and inspire actions." The focus of this rather wonderful series of events was to work on envisioning the cities of the future. Visitors to the site will find archived videos from the devoted day of urban inspiration in 2012 and 2013 and they can click through the Videos area to get started. There are over two dozen talks...