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India -- History

1526-1765 (1)

View Resource The Taj-Mahal Virtual Tour

One of the most instantly recognizable buildings in the entire world, the Taj Mahal is a place that millions of people visit each year from around the world. The building and its grounds were built as a monument to Mumtaz Mahal, the young bride of Shah Jehan, the fifth Mughal emperor. Located in Agra, the complex took 22 years to build and represents the labor of over twenty thousands laborers and...
View Resource The British Museum: Ancient India

The Ancient India Web site from the British Museum is designed especially for middle schoolers and teachers, but all ages will enjoy exploring. There are six chapters: Buddha, Geography, Hinduism, Indus Valley, Time, and Writing; each with divisions entitled Story, Explore, and Challenge. Story in the Buddha chapter is the life of the Buddha; Explore under Hinduism features trading card-sized...
View Resource Mughal India

As you enter a large room filled with various items, including a well-worn globe, a medium-sized file cabinet, and a wall of books, you wonder to yourself, Where am I?. It turns out that you have stumbled across the British Museum's fine interactive website on Mughal India. Designed for young people, the site is set up as an office where visitors may click on various items (such as a globe or a...
View Resource The Nixon Administration and the Indian Nuclear Program, 1972-1974

The National Security Archive is always working on new electronic briefing books, and this recent release will fascinate anyone with an interest in international diplomacy, international relations, or the United States government. This particular briefing book was released in December 2011 and offers a look at the reaction of President Richard Nixon's administration to the testing of nuclear...
View Resource Yoga: The Art of Transformation

As the introduction to this exhibition from the Smithsonian's Sackler Museum points out, "Yoga is a global phenomenon practiced by millions of people seeking spiritual insight and better health. Few, however, are aware of yoga's dynamic history." Works from 25 museums and private collections located in the US, India, and throughout Europe have been borrowed in order to mount this show. On the...
View Resource India Illustrated

This remarkable collection from the University of Houston's Digital Library brings together over 210 black and white photographs from a rare book entitled, India Illustrated. This work was originally published around 1905 and it came from the publishers of the English language newspaper, Times of India. Visitors can get started with the Browse the Collection section which offers thumbnails of such...