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Coal -- United States

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View Resource Western Fuels Association

Western Fuels, "an especially aggressive industry player," offers alternative interpretations of the threat of global warming and warn against unnecessary regulations on US industry. Recently, delegates from 160 countries commenced a ten day conference in Kyoto, Japan to agree on a strategy to cut the world's emissions of greenhouse gases, which are thought to cause global warming. Any agreement,...
View Resource Coal and Power Systems: Strategic Plan and Multi-Year Program Plans

From the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy, this glossy brochure (.pdf) outlines the Fossil Energy Coal and Power Systems Program for the turn of the century. The plan outlined here aims to produce competitively priced energy, minimize environmental impacts, and also deliver scientific understanding and technological innovations. The brochure covers technologies, strategic plans,... Library/Research/Coal/Referenc...
View Resource Two New from the USGS: Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Colorado Plateau; Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah

Two new publications from the US Geological Survey (USGS) were posted this month. The first, from the Central Region Energy Resources Team, has an executive summary and 20 chapters on coal resources for the Colorado Plateau available for download in .pdf format. A link to digital map data and the stratigraphic database is at the end of the report. The Kaparowitz Plateau, San Juan Basin, and...
View Resource National Coal Resources Data System

The National Coal Resources Data System is an online database of analytical data, sample locations, descriptive information, analytical methods, sampling techniques, and bibliographic references for selected US coal samples provided by the USGS. Users are guided through several steps that include choosing the type of report to be generated, specifying sample search criteria, and whether to display...
View Resource AmericanRadioWorks: Power and Smoke: A Nation Built on Coal

The United States gets over half of its electricity from burning coal, and this tremendously important resource remains one of the nation's greatest assets. However, it is not an asset without problems, as the burning of coal has brought with it tremendous levels of air pollution and other problems. This latest radio documentary from the American RadioWorks group was produced by Catherine Winter,...