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Income distribution -- United States

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The Two Nations of Black America: Frontline Online

This companion site to a recent Frontline examines the growing class gap within the African-American community. The site features a powerful essay by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the correspondent and writer for Frontline's report, RealPlayer audio and text from the Du Bois Institute's 1997 forum, economic and social statistics, and interviews with prominent African-American activists and scholars,...

Created and maintained by "a network of journalists, writers and researchers trying to look beyond conventional economics and its notions of prosperity and progress," this Website features news and analysis of the economic and cultural ramifications of the wide divide between the haves and the have-nots in America. The site offers both original articles and reprints from sources such as The Nation...
Money Income in the United States: 1999

The Census Bureau reports that US household income levels rose by 2.7 percent between 1998 and 1999, or from $39,744 to $40,816, the highest household income level ever recorded.
Hard Times in Middletown: How the Middle Class Became the Brittle Class

Muncie, Indiana is the subject of this American Radio Works program, and accompanying website. The site profiles several sad, sometimes hopeful, and all-too-familiar tales of how people have changed their dreams, or been forced to go a different direction with their lives, because of the economic downturn. In addition to being able to "download" the radio program, "listen" to it online, or "read"...
Economic Mobility Project

Working with partners from The American Enterprise Institute and The Urban Institute, the Economic Mobility Project is an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts. The aim of the Project is to focus public attention on economic mobility through well-thought out scholarly analyses, reports, public events, and discussion. In the "Reports & Research" section, visitors can download papers like...