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View Resource Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematode Home Page

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln provides this site. Created as "an aid for nematode identification and systematic research," the website also serves as an excellent general resource on the science of Nematology. Users will find sections on Nematodes of the Great Plains, an Illustrated Diagnostic Key, Nematode Genera, the Molecular Identification of Nematodes, and others. Resource information...
View Resource Annelid Resources

Polychaetologist Dr. Geoff Read of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) provides this stupendous resource on Annelid worms. Full of content-rich, research-driven information, this resource serves as a major hub for experts and students interested in annelids. In the Research section, users will find current information on Polychaetes, Oligochaetes/ leeches, and...
View Resource Wormatlas

This new Web site from the Center for C. elegans Anatomy is still under construction, but many site features are currently active. Although the Handbook of Worm Anatomy is not completed, there are some extremely detailed images that can be accessed through the Handbook link. The site is a repository for a variety of worm resources including abbreviations, scientific protocol, and a link to the...
View Resource Marine Flatworms of the World

This frequently updated Web site, individually hosted by Wolfgang Seifarth, is devoted to the study of polyclad flatworms, the free-living marine flatworms primarily found in tropical coral reefs. This comprehensive site describes every characteristic of this beautiful worm order -- phylogeny, anatomy, natural history, distribution, and much more. If you're of the opinion that all worms are...
View Resource WormBase

WormBase is the product of "an international consortium of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to providing the research community with accurate, current, accessible information concerning the genetics, genomic, and biology of C. elegans and some related nematodes." This frequently updated Web site has recently made available the complete C. elegans genomic sequence. Offering a number of...
View Resource Schools Online: The Adventures of Herman

From the University of Illinois Extension Schools Online Program, this kid-friendly website introduces third- through fifth-grade students to the world of worms (first mentioned in the September 9, 2002 NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences). The site addresses a nice blend of worm topics including history, taxonomy, and anatomy. Student visitors will enjoy a number of interactive, online worm...