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Magnetic storms


View Resource Sun-Earth Connection: Eclipses, Explosions, and Space Weather Forecasts

In honor of the solar eclipse that occurred on February 26, 1998, The Exploratorium (discussed in the February 21, 1997 Scout Report) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum collaborated to produce this lesson on the effects that events on the sun have on the earth. The narrative focuses on coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which can have a...
View Resource Canadian National Geomagnetism Program

The Canadian National Geomagnetism Program provides excellent resources for keeping track of the Earth's ever-changing magnetic field throughout Canada. The information here covers "time-scales ranging from seconds to decades." Data include short- and long-term magnetic activity forecasts, and plots of one-minute variations of the geomagnetic field. Also, an in-depth geomagnetic hazards section...
View Resource Solar Radiation Storm

This past week has offered much excitement for space weather scientists and enthusiasts, alike. On Friday July 14, a major flare shot off the surface of the sun, pummeling Earth with a massive solar-radiation storm that interfered with satellite and radio communications and delayed a Russian space launch. The flare was one of the most powerful of the current eleven-year solar cycle (and the...
View Resource Solar Storm Hits Earth in Repeat of October

This CNN website features a news story about the most recent solar hurricanes that have hit Earth. Visitors can learn about the storm's potential to again damage electricity grids, confuse satellites, and disturb GPS readings. The website features amazing aurora borealis images created by a similar solar storm last month and the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory's (SOHO) images of the coronal...