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View Resource GRID-Arendal: Maps and Graphics

Established in 1989 by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, GRID-Arendal is an international information center providing high quality environmental information for practical use. Arendal is one of thirteen centers that together comprise the Global Resource Information Database, a "network of environmental data centers facilitating the generation and...
View Resource Carbon Sequestration: State of the Science

The US Department of Energy has released this report (.pdf format) entitled Carbon Sequestration: State of the Science. Divided into nine sections, the report covers separation and capture of carbon dioxide, carbon sequestration in terrestrial ecosystems, ocean sequestration, carbon sequestration in geological formations, and advanced chemical and biological approaches to sequestration. Heavy on...
View Resource Living Planet Report 1999

The second edition of the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Living Planet Report (last discussed in the October 9, 1998 Scout Report) has been placed online. The report attempts to quantify the speed at which nature is disappearing from Earth and trace human pressures on the natural environment. The first part of the report, the Living Planet Index (LPI), measures natural wealth and how it has changed...
View Resource The Global Environment: Invitation for RITE Research Proposals

Japan's Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) invites basic research proposals for the year 2000. Research proposals should address (the resolution of) global environmental problems. The deadline for FY2000 proposals is October 29, 1999. Examples of past funded research and proposal guidelines are available at the site.
View Resource NOAA's Coral Reef

In an effort to centralize information on Coral Reefs, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has launched this site on Coral Reefs. The site serves both as a news resource (see the frequently updated News Releases section) as well as a basic information resource (see Year of the Reef 1997 and Coral Reef Photos) on coral reefs. For information on current research (scientific...
View Resource Trouble Brewing in the Bering Sea

Earlier this week, just after the conclusion of the "Year Of The Ocean" (1998), scientists sounded an alarm about the health of an entire ocean ecosystem -- the Bering Sea. Located between Alaska and Russia in the North Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea provides nearly half of the fish and shellfish caught in the US. However, unusual atmospheric and oceanic conditions during the summers of 1997 and...
View Resource Sierra Student Coalition

The Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) is the student-run arm of the Sierra Club, one of the leading conservation organizations in North America. The SSC Website offers information for students wishing to become involved in environmental protection, with an emphasis on activism. The site includes an Events calendar, contact information for regional offices, training and internship opportunities, and a...
View Resource United Nations Millennium Declaration

The UN has posted the End of Millennium Summit Final Declaration signed by over 150 heads of state who attended the Millennium Summit earlier this month in New York (see the September 5, 2000 Scout Report for the Social Sciences). The document articulates 32 points, expressing the goals of the UN for peace and prosperity in the coming century. Among the more substantive statements are a commitment...
View Resource Grand Challenges in Environmental Sciences

This title from the National Academy Press (NAP) is accessible in its entirety online. Requested by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and written by the National Academies's National Research Council, this report identifies and describes eight important areas of environmental research for the next generation. Not in order of importance, these challenges are Biogeochemical Cycles, Biodiversity...
View Resource New Jersey Environmental Digital Library

Developed by the Scholarly Communication Center of Rutgers University Libraries, this site offers access to an impressive array of materials related to the New Jersey environment. The scope of the collection is quite broad, including citizen information, technical reports, photographic tours, and even some full-length videos. In addition, many of the items in the digital library are ephemeral or...
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