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View Resource B-EYE: The World Through the Eyes of a Honey Bee

One of the great treats awaiting Scouts (or any others who learn to search the Web efficiently) is the large number of high quality science Websites put forth by Australian research institutions. B-EYE is yet another such wonderful site. Dr. Andrew Giger, a neuroscientist studying insect vision at the Centre for Visual Science (CVS) at Australian National University, put together this site so...
View Resource SPIE Web: The International Society for Optical Engineering

The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) is a society for research, engineering, and applications of optics, photonics, imaging, and electronics. The SPIE page hosts a large volume of information on optical engineering ranging from publications to employment oportunities to optical standards. Conference calls for papers and conference announcements are also provided.
View Resource Optics for Kids

The Optical Society of America operates this creative site where children can learn all about optics and its applications. Entertaining chameleon characters guide users through many sections of the site, explaining various concepts and suggesting activities. There is a large selection of educational articles about common phenomena, such as holograms, kaleidoscopes, reflection, and refraction....
View Resource The Color of Water

Provided by, the Why is Water Blue? (1) Web site starts off this Topic in Depth. Visitors will learn the factors that affect the colors we see, what color water actually is, and the basic physics and chemistry behind the phenomenon. This site is hard to beat for its clear explanations as well as its interesting photographs and illustrations. The second site, entitled the Common...
View Resource Mirrors

The first site with information on mirrors is provided by entitled Reflection (1). The site contains some informative descriptions, illustrations, and animations that teach the basics of reflection and the theory behind mirrors. There is a light reflection tutorial, an interactive mirror reflection pattern animation, a page on the basics of reflection, and other good information. The...
View Resource Optical Research Associates: Optics for Kids

Optical Research Associates has posted this website with information on optics for kids. The website provides some optical basics and "a bit of a pep talk on science and engineering as careers." The website answers questions about lasers, light, and explains why the sky is blue. Links to other teaching and learning resources available for purchase are also provided.
View Resource Wake Forest University Physics Demonstration Videos

Physics is plenty exciting on its own, but this clutch of physics demonstration videos offered up by Wake Forest University's Physics departments will probably have students running out to learn more about string theory and cosmology. Teachers will definitely appreciate this resource, as they can use these videos in the classroom or just recommend to their students. Visitors can view the videos in...