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This site contains pointers to dictionaries in over 130 languages, many of them bilingual (English and the language of the dictionary). Included are "artificial" languages such as Esperanto and three different fictional languages from the Star Trek TV show. All levity aside, this extremely useful site offers multilingual and specialized dictionaries, thesauri, vocabulary aids, and a...
View Resource The Household Cyclopedia of General Information

This 1881 reference book was designed to help nineteenth-century households stay healthy and productive. Need to know how to winter your bees? Build a barometer? Bleed a patient with leeches? Your answers are here. The site, a part-time project of freelance webmaster Matthew Spong, evokes a time when many households were largely self-sufficient, and the value of a book explaining how to amputate a...
View Resource Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary -- Thesaurus

Relaunched with a new search engine and other new features in July, Wordsmyth: The Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT) touts itself as "the premier online American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus." WEDT contains 50,000 headwords and well-defined and hyperlinked synonyms. The site offers multiple search strategies for different purposes allowing users to perform narrow or...
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As is probably well-known to most readers, a few weeks ago Encyclopaedia Britannica decided to place the entire contents of its 32-volume set online for free. The decision was widely reported both online and in the print press, and the site promptly crashed under the huge strain. Though a bit slow and sometimes buggy, is now officially up and running, offering full access to the...
View Resource Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Explicitly designed for the International or second-language speaker, this site allows users to search -- but not browse -- Cambridge's Dictionary of American English, International Dictionary of English, International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs, and International Dictionary of Idioms. Entries have value-added, second-language instructional items such as the identification of "false friends"...
View Resource Relaunches With Five Major Reference Works

On March 20, a premiere source for free online literature, verse, and reference books, relaunched their Website and added five major reference works. Users can now access complete electronic versions of the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition; The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition; Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition; Simpson's Contemporary...
View Resource Columbia Encyclopedia: Sixth Edition has available its electronic version of the Columbia Encyclopedia with numerous updates, including improved search and navigation features. The sixth edition contains close to 51,000 entries, including 17,000 biographies, with over 80,000 hypertext cross-references, as well as links to other resources such as maps, speeches, and additional full-text collections held by
View Resource OneLook Dictionaries

"A search engine for words," OneLook Dictionaries contains over 4 million words indexed in more than 700 online dictionaries. Whether you’re looking for a definition or translation, OneLook will provide a list of Web dictionaries that can answer the questions you’re seeking. Equally important, for those rare occasions when the spelling of a word is unknown, OneLook allows you to type in a pattern...
View Resource Glossary of Energy Terms

The California Energy Commission's Web site contains a great resource entitled the Glossary of Energy Terms. If you're interested in energy topics or happen to come across an unfamiliar term, this tool will be of great use. Simply choose the letter of the term and hope that it's included -- for example, DAYLIGHTING, which is defined as "The use of sunlight to supplement or replace electric...
View Resource A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Philosophy is at times considered inaccessible to many individuals, and some people have a distinct aversion to the entire subject. Garth Kemerling, who holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Iowa, has done a fine job of offering a remedy to this problem by creating this online dictionary of philosophical terms and names. While Mr. Kemerling makes it clear that not every single...
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