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Science News Online

The weekly free online science news magazine, Science News, covers "the most important research in all fields of science" and currently reaches 200,000 subscribers and 1.2 million readers. For example, this week's issue contains seventeen articles, ranging from how scientists are uncovering the secrets behind avalanches to a report on the current Hubble telescope mission. Users can search the...
Department of Energy Research and Development Accomplishments

For those users interested in the history of a wide variety of notable inventions and discoveries, the US Department of Engery's (DOE) Research and Development Accomplishments Web site should provide unique insight into topics like the video game, CAT/ MRI scans, and the Human Genome, among others. The site's primary focus is its accomplishments database, which contains "searchable full-text and...
HERO: Higher Education and Research Opportunities in the UK

The 2001 United Kingdom's university system Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is now freely available to the Internet public. Provided by Higher Education and Research Opportunities (HERO), RAE 2001 was a UK-wide endeavor that allowed publicly funded universities and colleges to submit data regarding their research activities. A panel of judges then assessed the data, and ratings were assigned...
Science Portal

The Australian governmental Web site, Science Portal delivers science information and services to industry, investors, and the research community. The site allows visitors to find relevant links in their field from all of Australia's research and research-related organization Web sites. The portal can be searched or browsed by various research topics including directories and databases, policy,...
DOE Pulse: Science and Technology Highlights from the DOE National Laboratories

The Department of Energies DOE Pulse bimonthly publication highlights work being done at the Department of Energy's national laboratories, which "house world-class facilities where more than 30,000 scientists and engineers perform cutting-edge research spanning DOE's science, energy, National security and environmental quality missions." Pulse provides insight into current research highlights,...

This link, off the main Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science) site, provides users with information on the most recent developments in science. The Current Stories section covers headline subjects while the Week in Review section allows users to quickly browse stories from previous weeks. First-time users must register (free) for one year of limited access.
RAND Publications: Science and Technology: Online Research

RAND is described as a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. And following its mission, the publications portion of the Web site helps disseminate the results of its work "as broadly as possible." The Science and Technology: Online Research publications page contains access to monograph/reports, documented briefings, conference...
Quaternary Research Center

"The Quaternary Research Center (QRC) fosters interdisciplinary research on the last two million years of the global environment: a time which encompasses massive, abrupt changes of climate, sea level, global biota and ice extent, as well the evolution of humans and the advent of civilization." Divided into six laboratories, the University of Washington's Center studies Cosmogenic Isotopes, Stable...
The Methuselah Mouse Prize

While the average human lifespan has increased markedly over the past one hundred years, the ceiling has hardly been reached. An interesting contest, The Methuselah Mouse Prize -- presumably named after the biblical character who was said to have lived 969 years -- seeks to "promote public interest and involvement in research on mammalian life extension and encourage more such research on mice and...
Smithsonian Science

Besides its world-renowned museums and public outreach programs, the Smithsonian Institution also has numerous scientists working on diverse research projects across both hemispheres and most of the continents as well. In order to communicate its latest research findings to a broad web-browsing audience, the Smithsonian has developed this weekly electronic newsletter which features its most recent...
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