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Genetic code

View Resource Global Transposon Mutagenesis and a Minimal Mycoplasma Genome

The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) has recently placed online this new genomic resource, in concert with a new publication. TIGR has released a description (.pdf format) of the minimal set of genes essential for life (Hutchison et al., 1999, Science 286:2165-2169).
View Resource GeneCards

The Weizmann Institute of Science provides GeneCards, a database of "human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases." GeneCards contains concise information on the functions of "all human genes with an approved symbol" (e.g., genes named according to the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee), in addition to "selected others" -- collectively representing over 9,600 genes. The database...
View Resource National Human Genome Research Institute: Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms

Both students and general users will appreciate this glossary, which is designed to help people with non-scientific backgrounds "to better understand the terms and concepts behind genetic research." Provided by NHGRI, which oversees the National Institutes of Health's role in the Human Genome Project (see the March 26, 1999 Scout Report), the glossary offers phonetic spelling, a brief definition,...