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Mitochondrial DNA

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View Resource Neandertal DNA

The view of some scientists that modern humans did not descend from the Neandertals gained support when scientists from Munich, Germany analyzed DNA from a Neandertal. A news article from Archeology Online News discusses the recent research and provides links to additional news clips. This site covers one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of 1997, compiled in the December 19, 1997 issue of ...
View Resource A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database

The Center for Molecular Medicine at Emory University maintains this human mitochondrial genome database, which offers information on Mitochondrial DNA Function Locations and Polypeptide Assignments as well as the relevant publication references. The database is initially searchable by gene, disease, and enzyme. Users can then refine their search by function, polymorphisms, or references (author,...
View Resource Genetic Origins: Mitochondrial Control Region

The Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory presents this multi-faceted educational Web site as part of the online feature "Genetic Origins: The study of human evolution begins with your own DNA." The Mitochondrial Control Region Web pages provides a comprehensive introduction (including first-hand lab experience) to the same methods researchers use to retrace the common...
View Resource A New Branch on the Tree of Life

The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Science Beat offers interesting feature articles about research from Berkeley lab and partner organizations. This article describes new findings that the insect-like collembolans, a group commonly thought to have given rise to true insects, are not closely related to insects at all and in effect constitute a newly discovered branch of the phylogenetic tree. The...