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Fossil hominids


Neandertal DNA

The view of some scientists that modern humans did not descend from the Neandertals gained support when scientists from Munich, Germany analyzed DNA from a Neandertal. A news article from Archeology Online News discusses the recent research and provides links to additional news clips. This site covers one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of 1997, compiled in the December 19, 1997 issue of ...
Human Origins Program: In Search of What Makes Us Human

The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian "is dedicated to understanding the biological and cultural foundations of human life." Their new site gives visitors an accessible and informative tour of the current state of human paleontology. At the heart of the site is a hypertext family tree of early human phylogeny that helps users see not only the relations between various incarnations of human...
NOVA: Dawn of Humanity

This two-hour special from NOVA and National Geographic, which premiered online on September 10, 2015, explores the amazing discovery of ancient remains in South Africa that may help to rewrite our understanding of human and prehuman history. There are many worthwhile clips in the episode that can easily be integrated into lesson plans. However, the video in its entirety is well worth watching as...