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View Resource Coffee and Biodiversity Conservation in El Salvador

The Natural History Museum (London) provides this Webpage, highlighting a three-year project funded by the UK Government's Darwin Initiative. The aim of this particular project is "to promote the conservation of biodiversity by providing the tools, training and information necessary to empower local people to monitor and assess the biodiversity of the forests associated with Shade Coffee farms in...
View Resource The Coffee Science Information Centre

Celebrating the drink that Bach referred to as "lovelier than a thousand kisses," the Web site of the Coffee Science Information Centre has a variety of sections relating different material on the work of the Centre and general information about this occasionally maligned beverage. The prime goal of the Coffee Science Information Centre is "to provide accurate, balanced and consistent information...
View Resource National Geographic: Coffee

This artful National Geographic website serves up a virtual cup of coffee legends and information. The website is better suited for coffee novices than experts, as it provides mostly introductory information about this widely loved beverage. Site features include brief descriptions of significant moments in coffee history (beginning in Ethiopia around A.D. 800), an overview of basic roasts, and...
View Resource A Much Sought After Coffee Emerges From An Unusual Source

From Dung to Coffee Brew With No Aftertaste The Horse Meat of the Coffee World A cup is more than a cup sometimes The Straight Dope: Does kopi luwak...