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The Discovery of the Electron

To celebrate J.J. Thomson's discovery of the electron in 1897, the American Institute of Physics (discussed in the February 7, 1997 Scout Report) offers an online centennial exhibit. The AIP site concentrates more on the discovery process itself, tracing it back to the 1850s, recounting the 1897 experiments, the response to them, and their ultimate legacy.
The Britannica Guide to the Nobel Prizes

_Encyclopedia Britannica_ has opened its vast archives of Nobel Prize related material in this web special, designed to coincide with the upcoming 1997 awards. The site is highlighted by biographies of every individual and institution that has ever been awarded the prize. In all, there are over 1,000 articles from the encyclopedia, along with 450 multi-media offerings (images, audio and video)....
The Joshua Lederberg Papers

The National Library of Medicine has added The Joshua Lederberg Papers to Profiles in Science, a Website dedicated to "the major scientific achievements of the twentieth century" (described in the September 25, 1998 Scout Report). An esteemed American geneticist and microbiologist, Lederberg won the Nobel Prize in 1958 for his work in bacterial genetics. At the site (and in various formats),...
Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit

Produced by the National Academy of Sciences, Beyond Discovery is a periodic series (4-6 times per year) of case studies written by science writers in collaboration with "prominent scientists who have been directly involved with the discoveries being described." Each case study involves recent technological and medical advances, and highlights the role played by basic science. Articles are...
Profiles in Science

This new site from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will focus on the major scientific achievements of this century and the people behind them by making archival collections of prominent biomedical scientists publicly available. The site will feature collections donated to the NLM which contain published and unpublished materials, including books, journal volumes, pamphlets, diaries,...
Botanists Discover New Conifer Species in Vietnam

An extraordinary discovery of a previously unknown conifer genus and species has recently been made in northern Vietnam by an international team of botanists. This is the first new conifer genus discovered since 1994. This site is a press release from the National Science Foundation that describes the research and the importance of the discovery.

This link, off the main Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science) site, provides users with information on the most recent developments in science. The Current Stories section covers headline subjects while the Week in Review section allows users to quickly browse stories from previous weeks. First-time users must register (free) for one year of limited access.
A Family of Giants: First System of Multiple Planets Found around a Sun-like Star

Three planets that are larger than Jupiter have been found orbiting the star, Upsilon Andromedae. Astronomers from four research institutions have confirmed this observation. This site is a news release from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
The Upsilon Andromedae Planetary System

Three planets that are larger than Jupiter have been found orbiting the star Upsilon Andromedae. Astronomers from four research institutions have confirmed this observation. This site provides information about the Upsilon Andromedae Planetary System.

Serving as a connection between technology developers and their potential customers, is a hub for remarkable new innovations and breakthroughs waiting to be discovered. Although there is a fee for membership, the free weekly features are likely the main attraction for most curious visitors. Tech of the Week highlights recently invented technologies from sources around the world. Each...
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