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Research Ship Information and Schedules

This unusual resource for Research Ship Information and Schedules is maintained by the University of Delaware's Ocean Information Center (OCEANIC). Complete with a searchable database of schedules and characteristics of deep-water scientific research vessels, this site is an excellent example of the range of eclectic and specialized information available on the Web. Information on facilities,...
Freedomship: City At Sea

Freedomship is an enormous floating city that will be a monument to engineering skill and ingenuity. It will serve as a vacation resort or even a home for people with enough money. Although still in the pre-construction phase of the project, the Web site offers a good deal of information about the ship's design. It will be almost a mile long and rise 25 stories above the water. The ship will...
Forensic Scientists and Scholars Solve Mystery of "Unknown Child" Lost on the Titanic

Earlier this week, a team of scientists, historians, and genealogists announced that they had discovered the identity of the "Unknown Child," a young boy who was found in the water around the Titanic several days after it sank on April 5, 1912. Using three small teeth from the boy's grave in Halifax's Fairview Lawn Cemetery and a blood sample from a Finnish woman thought to be related to the boy,...
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Located in the town of Vergennes, Vermont, the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum offers a lively interpretation of the maritime past and present in and around Lake Champlain. The materials on the site are divided into sections that include "Education", "Our Fleet", Shipwrecks & History", and "Ship's Store". The "Education" area is a good place to start, and it contains links to archived shipwreck...