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View Resource Browser Central: The Latest Reviews, Tips, Downloads, and News

The tireless public servants at c|net have served up a new informational area, focusing on the ceaseless march of web browser applications. Reviews and tips are organized by browser version, and cover features, comparisons, and even opinions on the development of HTML. A constantly updated selection of browser-focused headlines from appears on the page. The browser survival guide offers...
View Resource Bookmark Converter

This windows utility enables user to convert their bookmarks from Netscape Navigator to Internet explorer and vice versa. It is small, fast, and simple to use. The latest version has been tested up to Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0. Bookmark Converter is shareware and can be registered for $8.
View Resource SlipKnot Home Page

SlipKnot (w/o SLIP) MicroMind, New York, NY, US SlipKnot is a graphical World Wide Web browser specifically designed for Microsoft Windows users who have UNIX shell accounts with their service providers. Its primary feature is that it does not require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services. SlipKnot is distributed as restricted shareware, with a registration fee.
View Resource 1st Choice Browse2000

1st Choice Browse2000, created by Sabine Consulting, is yet another Web browser with some interesting and novel features. Browse2000 provides a dual-window view of the browsing experience. Each window can contain different Websites, and the user can choose to display links from one window in the other window or vice-versa. This is very useful when exploring a list of hits from a search engine, for...
View Resource WebZip

WebZip is a tool that lets users download partial or entire Websites to their hard drives. Users may then view these pages later, presumably when they do not have access to the Internet. Download tasks are initiated from a single URL and can be configured to follow a specified number of links. Other configuration options include following external links, converting links in the downloaded HTML to...
View Resource iCab Internet Browser

iCab is a Mac-only Web browser loaded with features that offer a viable alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. While the iCab 1.8 free preview is fully functional, the browser does not yet support JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (this support is anticipated in the "iCab Pro" release which will sell for $29). iCab's strength is its integration with and support of...
View Resource Netscape Archived Client Products: 4.76 English Netscape Communicator

Netscape in October 2000 released the 4.76 version of its browser/Internet software suite. This release does not feature any major changes, but does include updated versions of Beatnik, Flash Player, RealPlayer, and AOL Instant Messenger 4.0, as well as a security fix. Users with very recent versions of Netscape may well want to pass on the update, but those with older copies should consider an...
View Resource Your Source for Browser Compatibility Verification

AnyBrowser allows users to test their sites using several free tools. Visitors can check the validity and compatibility of their HTML, check their links, see the site at various screen sizes, and create metatags. In addition, the site also offers directories of additional resources and free tools and information about site promotion.
View Resource Babel: A data browser by Simon Biggs

This Website is a site-specific work of art commissioned by a group of UK libraries, Focal Point Gallery, and the Arts Council of England. The work takes as its jumping off place the vision of libraries as information spaces organized by a "taxonomy of knowledge." Simon Biggs uses a common classification tool, the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC), to confront the viewer with a 3D...
View Resource Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), claiming that it "sets a new standard in privacy, reliability, and flexibility." Some of the new features include full XML and XHTML support, an integrated media player, and a fancy new privacy feature called Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), with which users can specify how their personal information is used. The somewhat controversial new...
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