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Suburbs -- United States

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Regional Review: Urban Sprawl

The first quarter 2000 edition of Regional Review from the Federal Reserve Bank Boston features an article dealing with the problem of urban sprawl.
Boomers and Seniors in the Suburbs: Aging Patterns in Census 2000

Released in January 2003, this paper from the Living Cities Census Series at the Brookings Institution documents the "greying of the American suburban population" and will be of great interest to urban and suburban policymakers, and anyone with an inkling of an interest in demography. Written by William H. Frey of the University of Michigan, the 20-page paper uses the Census 2000 data to examine...
Beyond Edge City: Office Sprawl in South Florida

Released in March 2003, this paper from the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy at the Brookings Institute deals with the persistent phenomenon of office sprawl throughout much of South Florida. Authored by Robert E. Lang, the 12-page report demonstrates that the majority of office employment in the area is located in "Edgeless Cities," a form of small-scale and scattered development that...
Confronting Suburban Poverty

The Brookings Institution doesn't shy away from the tough topics, in fact, they often embrace them. This recent book by two of their distinguished scholars, Elizabeth Kneebone and Alan Berube, looks at the growing problem of suburban poverty. As they note, "suburbia is now home to more poor residents than central cities." This site, created to promote the book, has great resources for policy...