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View Resource Patent and Trademark Resources

Created and maintained by the Louisiana State University Library, this bibliography of Web resources concentrates on patent and trademark sources. One in a collection of Webliographies, Patents and Trademarks offers a compendium of resources organized by topic. The Websites include links to other patent and trademark sites, general information, government and non-government organizations, and...
View Resource USPTO Releases Annual List of Top 10 Organizations Receiving Most Patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced the top 10 private sector patent recipients for the 2001 calendar year. Listed are the 10 corporations receiving the most patents for inventions in 2001, along with their 2001 ranking. For the ninth consecutive year, IBM received more patents than any other private sector organization. It is important to note that the listed...
View Resource Wacky Patent of the Month

Maintained by Michael Colitz, a registered patent attorney, the Wacky Patent of the Month is an amusing Web site "devoted to recognizing selected inventors and their remarkable and unconventional patented inventions." The complete original patent document is given with each item covered on the site. The highlighted patent of December 2002 is the scarecrow; however, as can be seen from the...
View Resource Patent Room

The US Patent and Trademark Office has been in existence since 1790, when it granted the first patent to one Samuel Hopkins of Philadelphia for "making pot and pearl ashes", which was a cleaning formula used in soapmaking. Over the past 215 years, millions of patents have been issued, and this creative site provides the original images from some of the original patent applications. Intended as a...