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View Resource Stable Isotopes and Mineral Resource Investigations in the United States

This USGS handout is a page providing a good, brief summary of stable isotope techniques and applications in the geosciences. A map indicating the locations of current USGS stable isotopic studies accompanies the text. A discussion of mineral weathering effects and case studies from ore deposits in Maine and North Carolina complement the general overview.
View Resource Park Geology: Tour of National Parks

A great site from the National Park Service, Geologic Resources Division provides information on geologic features of our national parks. The site is aimed at a young audience (K-8), but is a pleasure to browse for anyone. Organizing the site by geologic features (e.g., Hot Springs, Oldest Rocks, and Volcanoes) allows readers to compare the geology of various national parks and explore maps,...
View Resource The Grand Canyon

The first site from, called Lost in the Canyon (1), offers an excellent online learning experience. Visitors learn about John Wesley Powell's expedition down the Colorado River, covered in transcripts from the companion television show and a timeline of Powell's life. Other features include an interactive lesson on running rapids and a look at the unique geologic history of the area. Next,...
View Resource National Elevation Dataset

The National Elevation Dataset is a product offered by the USGS that "is designed to provide national elevation data in a seamless form with a consistent datum, elevation unit, and projection." The interactive GIS map interface can view various layers of data from all over the US, creating informative and useful maps, which can be printed or ordered in CD format. The handy "help" button provides a...
View Resource Kentucky Geological Survey

The University of Kentucky maintains the Kentucky Geological Survey Web site. Visitors will find a number of educational general information pages on rocks and minerals, fossils, coal, geologic hazards, industrial minerals, maps and GIS, oil and natural gas, and water, as well as the general geology of Kentucky. Each page contains specific information, data, and research summaries from the...
View Resource Geophysical Studies of the Las Vegas Urban Corridor

The Geophysical Studies of the Las Vegas Urban Corridor Area are part of an integrated effort to "geologically characterize the seismic hazards, water resources, and crustal structure of this rapidly growing urban corridor" by the USGS. The informational Web site contains a gravity map of the Las Vegas region, an aeromagnetic map, and a publications link with a list of over a dozen references....
View Resource USGS Geologic Hazards

The Geologic Hazards section of the US Geological Survey (USGS) conducts research into the causes of geological phenomena such as landslides and earthquakes. The homepage connects visitors to the Geologic Hazards team's three main areas of endeavor. Geomagnetism provides links to the National Geomagnetic Information Center; Magnetic Observatories, Models, and Charts; and the Geomagnetic...
View Resource Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

In 2001, the U.S. Geological Survey, Yellowstone National Park, and the University of Utah entered into an agreement that effectively established the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. Some of the objectives of the Observatory are "to provide seismic, geodetic, and hydrologic monitoring that enables reliable and timely warnings of possible renewed volcanism and related hazards" and "to improve...
View Resource Introduction and Virtual Geologic Field Trip to the Permian Reef Complex, Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains, New Mexico, West Texas

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Permian Reef Complex of the Guadalupe Mountains? Probably not, but Dr. Peter A. Scholle, the Director and State Geologist of the New Mexico Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources of New Mexico Tech has provided a complete virtual field trip for those who would. Visitors can read and view pictures of the area, the structural history of the mountains, the...
View Resource Geology of National Parks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a historic tour of the Colorado River Canyon? Wonder no more, as this site from the U.S. Geological Survey makes just such a sojourn possible. Drawing on thousands of historic and contemporary photographs, views, documents, and other items, the USGS has created these fine 3D and photographic tours of dozens of national parks. On the site,...
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