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View Resource Shoreland's Travel Health Online

Shoreland, Inc., a company that supports health professionals who counsel international travelers, has made this web site available to the public. Users will find detailed travel advisory information for travelers to 229 countries, arranged alphabetically. The information presented is drawn from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the US Department...
View Resource CDC Travel Information

For travelers concerned about possible exposure to both tropical and other diseases, the CDC Travel Information page provides timely information on the current distribution of many human pathogens, recent outbreaks, and recommended vaccinations for travel.
View Resource NOVA: Killer Disease on Campus

The online companion to the recently-aired NOVA documentary from PBS, this Web site addresses the alarming rise in the incidence of meningococcal disease in the past ten years, especially on college campuses. The site's main features include a young woman's story about her battle with the disease, an animated depiction of how meningococcal bacteria attack the human body, an interview with the...
View Resource The Global Threat of New and Reemerging Infectious Diseases

Authored by Jennifer Brower and Peter Chalk, working on behalf of the RAND Corporation, this 140-page online book explores an in-depth analysis of the security implications posed by the dissemination of various infectious diseases. Throughout the work, the authors draw on two case studies, namely the HIV/ AIDS epidemic in South Africa and the public health response system within the United States....
View Resource Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

These Web sites provide detailed and timely information about SARS. The Centers for Disease Control Web site on SARS (1) is a great place to begin an online exploration of the disease and the current epidemic. Visitors will find general information about SARS, the latest CDC developments on the issue, SARS-related news, and much more. The next site is the World Health Organization's main Web page...
View Resource SARS Reference, the online Medical Literature Guide, has recently made available the SARS reference -- a "comprehensive and up-to-date overview of severe acute respiratory syndrome" edited by Christian Drosten and Wolfgang Preiser. Offered free of charge to any user, the SARS reference will be updated monthly for the duration of the epidemic. Content includes SARS virology, epidemiology, treatment, a...
View Resource PBS Online -- American Experience: Influenza 1918

This PBS American Experience website provides supplementary information, materials, and resources for Influenza 1918, a film about "the worst epidemic in American history." Site users can access both a Program Description and Transcript for the film as well as Audio Interviews and a Bibliography of related books and websites. This site offers Special Features including a Letter penned by a doctor...
View Resource MicroMatters: Microbiology

The BioEdOnline website provides those persons with a penchant for biology and medicine access to dozens of lesson plans, videos, and other activities. This particular set of materials is part of the thematic Resource Collections area, and it includes two curricular units from the MicroMatters project. The units are "The Science of Microbes" and "The Science of HIV/AIDS." The resources were...

View Resource Contagion: Historical Views of Disease and Epidemics

With this rather remarkable collection, the dedicated staff members at Harvard University Library's Open Collections Program have brought together Philadelphia's yellow fever epidemic of 1793, London's Great Plague of 1665, and six other notable epidemics from world history. The collection provides general background information on diseases and epidemics worldwide, and as previously suggested, is...

View Resource Ecology of Infectious Diseases

With a dramatic image of a bustling city superimposed over a peaceful forest, the National Science Foundation's homepage on the ecology of infectious diseases is quite intriguing. After clicking on the image, visitors will be treated to an overview of this special report that asks: "Is our interaction with the environment somehow responsible for the increases in incidence of these diseases?" The...
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