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View Resource The African Water Page

Created by Len Abrams, the goal of the African Water Page is to "increase communication on the Continent of Africa between people working in water." Issues for discussion include "water policy, water resource management, water supply and environmental sanitation, water conservation and demand management." Visitors to this page can find information about recent policy initiatives in South Africa,...
View Resource Committee for the National Institute for the Environment (CNIE)

This site is intended to provide information on the NIE whose mission is "to improve the scientific basis for making decisions on environmental issues." The site includes information on the origin of the NIE, its accomplishments, and its current activities. Also included are sections on membership, fund-raising, and financial and legislative sponsors. The highlight of the site, however, is the...
View Resource Freshwater Initiative

Launched in 1998 by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Freshwater Initiative aims "to protect the plants and animals dependent on freshwaters and develop solutions to key causes of freshwater biodiversity decline." To achieve this goal, Freshwater Initiative staff identifies sites that harbor critical aquatic biodiversity, targets conservation activities at several key freshwater sites, and...
View Resource Coral Reefs & Climate Change: Last Straw for a Threatened Ecosystem

Patricia Glick of the National Wildlife Federation's Climate Change & Wildlife Program authored this October 1999 report entitled "Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Last Straw for a Threatened Ecosystem." The resource (.pdf format) is accompanied by color photographs.
View Resource Sierra Student Coalition

The Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) is the student-run arm of the Sierra Club, one of the leading conservation organizations in North America. The SSC Website offers information for students wishing to become involved in environmental protection, with an emphasis on activism. The site includes an Events calendar, contact information for regional offices, training and internship opportunities, and a...
View Resource Nature and Human Society: The Quest for a Sustainable World

This online "open" book was edited by world renowned experts Peter H. Raven and Tania Williams and was produced in 2000 by the Committee for the Second Forum on Biodiversity (National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council). Available for browsing only, the document spans nine chapters -- from "Defining Biodiversity" to "Examples of Sustainability."
View Resource Pollution Control

Pollution takes many forms, such as ground, air, and water pollution. To make the environment pleasant to live in, certain methods are needed to clean up pollution or, even better, to prevent it all together. Several technologies and engineering techniques are regularly employed to keep pollution in check. The Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook (1) takes an in-depth look at many types of...
View Resource Disposable Planet

BBC Online presents this six-part special on sustainable development. Created in anticipation of the now concluded Johannesburg Summit, this Web site provides a valuable resource for viewers wishing to learn more about sustainable development and related issues. The Web site consists of an overview and six sections: Population, Food, Cities, Waste, Tourism, and Energy. The sections offer an...
View Resource A Land Worth Loving

From the BBC Nature Web site, comes the A Land Worth Loving page. The site has several interactive activities related to energy conservation and recycling including the virtual energy house. Here users get to choose energy saving items to see the resulting gains to the homeowner and the environment. The site also explains recycling and sustainable living and even offers a "green" quiz and a free...
View Resource Environmental News Network

The Environmental News Network (ENN) has as its primary goal to educate the world about environmental issues facing our Earth. People can freely read articles that change daily on the latest news that affects our planet, read stories from major environmental organizations, search past stories, learn about upcoming events on the provided calendar, listen online to EarthNews Radio, and more. An...
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