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Hollywood 10

Hollywood 10 is dedicated to telling the story of the 1947 House on Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings which targeted a core group of nine Hollywood screenwriters and one director as Communists. The site lists some of the key players involved and includes an interesting essay on the events leading to the creation of HUAC and the 1948 blacklist issued by the heads of the major...
Germans in Hollywood

Created and maintained by Hyde Flippo, this Web site pays homage to the long-standing connection between the Germanic world and the bright lights of Hollywood and the film industry. As Flippo contends in a brief introduction to the site, "No other single influence on American cinema has been greater than that from the German-speaking world." Given the preponderance of such Hollywood legends like...
The Internet Movie Database

Last reviewed in the May 6, 1994 edition of The Scout Report, the Internet Movie Database has grown by leaps and bounds in the past nine years. Containing literally millions of pieces of information, users looking for information from films such as Orson Welles' Chimes at Midnight to more contemporary fare can merely enter the title of the movie into the IMDB search engine and a complete record...
Bright Lights Film Journal

Initially started as a print journal in 1974, online publication of Bright Lights Film Journal began in 1996, and continues to the present day. As noted on its site, the journal is "a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the...
Hollywood and the movie-going public learn this year's Razzie nominations

Myers 'Guru' up for year's worst Spirit-Bashing Trailer Spearheads 'Worst Movie' Campaign A Brief History of The Razzies,8599,1872798,00.html The Razzies Village Voice: 100 Best... just may make it easier for actors to break into the business. However, this website is not just a place to find acting parts as it also offers a database of monologues and scenes. Visitors can search for different types of monologues, by clicking on "Monologues and Scenes" on the menu at the top of the page. The monologues can be browsed by whether the role is for a man or woman, or...