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View Resource Science News Online: No Hiding Most Trans Fats

This recently featured article from Science News Online's Food for Thought series offers an excellent overview of bad-for-you trans fats and the recent announcement by the Food and Drug Administration that by 2006 all nutrition labels must clearly identify quantities of trans fats. In addition to the article, readers will find a detailed reference section, including links to related Science News...
View Resource USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

Nutrition is very important, and coming across high-quality websites on the subject is a real treat. The United States Department of Agriculture created the Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) in 1971, and their work is designed to provide a broad range of resources of nutrition for health professionals, educators, government personnel, and consumers. As with many of the USDA's sites,...
View Resource Bringing food chemistry to life

Blogging about food is very common, but blogging about food chemistry is less so. Professor Andrew Ross has the culinary and scientific chops to comment on such matters, as he teaches food science at Oregon State University and he was also recently trained in artisan-style baking techniques at the San Francisco Baking Institute. This blog started as a web-based resource for his students, and it...
View Resource World Food Clock

The Scout Staff keeps an eye out for sites that are both informative and interactive, and the World Food Clock does not disappoint. A true feat of graphic design, we loved this site for its innovative and effective presentation of information. The World Food Clock succeeds in providing relevant statistics in an easily digestible manner, with clean and informative visual representations. Likewise,...