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Aquatic resources conservation

View Resource SeaWeb

SeaWeb is a nonprofit organization aimed at raising awareness of the ocean and marine life that play "a critical role in our everyday life and in the future of our planet." SeaWeb employs a team of professionals from biology, exploration, and various communication disciplines. The current campaigns include an effort to protect the declining Caspian Sea Sturgeon ("the source of most of the world's...
View Resource International Rivers Network

In part, the International Rivers Network's mission is to halt and reverse the degradation of river systems and to foster greater understanding, awareness and respect for rivers. The Web site offers news articles, information, and publications related to the organization's work and related topics around the world. These include the World Rivers Review, which is devoted to river issues and...
View Resource U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

How does the United States government work to protect the nation's fish, migratory birds, aquatic species, and public lands? Part of this job is accomplished by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) program. First-time visitors should look over the SHC Vision to get a sense of the program's formal mission and read a fact sheet about its activities. The Community...