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View Resource The Cartographic Modeling Lab at the University of Pennsylvania

While many schools no longer have academic departments devoted specifically to the discipline of geography, the almost innate human interest in mapping and analyzing various types of spatial data continues unabated. The Cartographic Modeling Lab at the University of Pennsylvania is an outstanding example of this trend, and their website contains a great deal of information on their work and their...
View Resource Yale University Library: The Map Collection

Traveling from the world of New Haven in 1886 to early cartographic interpretations of the coast of West Africa has never been easier with this lovely site created by the Yale University Map Library. Like many large universities, Yale has a wide-ranging map collection that spans centuries and continents. First-time visitors to the site can browse through sections that include "Maps of the World",...
View Resource Crace Collection of Maps of London

In the eighteenth century, wise sage and journalist Samuel Johnson opined that when one was tired of London, they were in fact tired of life. Well, the same might be said for this exuberant and delightful website, and it is doubtful that visitors will be tired of its fine collection of London maps even after several visits. Organized as part of the British Library's Online Gallery collection, the...
View Resource Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin has had an impressive online presence for many years. Geographers, historians, and others who enjoy and use maps will find much to admire and enjoy on this site. Perhaps one of the best features here is the "Online Maps of Current Interest". It's located front and center on the site's homepage, and it brings together...
View Resource Michigan State University Libraries: Map Library

The Michigan State University Map Library website is a real find for anyone with the slightest interest in maps or mapmaking. On their homepage, visitors will find a selection of "Quick Links", which includes links to scanned maps, printable maps, and a feedback form. The scanned maps area is quite diverse, and it features over 50 maps. Some of these maps include 1873 maps of the state's Lower and...