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Global environmental change -- Forecasting

View Resource Global Warming and Terrestrial Biodiversity Decline

Released on August 30 2000, this 34-page report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warns that "global warming could fundamentally alter one third of plant and animal habitats by the end of this century, and cause the eventual extinction of certain plant and animal species." According to the report, the danger is greatest in the northern latitudes of Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia, where warming...
View Resource Canadian Institute for Climate Studies

The Canadian Institute for Climate Studies, created by the Meteorological Service of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, investigates the variability and potential change of climate systems and applies this knowledge to decision making in the public and private sectors. This expansive website illustrates the research pursuits of the four divisions: Climate Scenarios, Climate Applications,...
View Resource US Global Change Research Program

The homepage of the US Global Change Research Program offers a great deal of material about its research to understand, assess, and predict global change. Users can find links to the many governmental organizations participating in research about global carbon cycle, land use and land cover change, atmospheric composition, and other investigations on the interactions of natural and human-induced...
View Resource New Security Beat

The New Security Beat is the official blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The site contains a cornucopia of content, including video updates, working papers, publications, opinion pieces, and other materials for scholars and policy enthusiasts. The materials are divided into seven areas, including Multimedia, Film, and Publications. One award-winning...