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View Resource Coleoptera

Roughly "one in four animals" on earth is a beetle. However, many species still remain undescribed. This resource, from the US Department of Agriculture's Systematic Entomology Library (SEL), houses half a dozen Internet-based resources on Coleoptera. Resources are solid but vary in depth. The collection of sites covers wide ground: Leaf chafer scarabs, a complete online Handbook of Palearctic...
View Resource The Leiodid Beetles of Costa Rica

The Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad in Costa Rica provides this visually pleasing Web site on the Leiodidae, authored by S. P. Beck of Carleton University and A. F. Newton of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. A simple drop down menu allows users to access information on leiodid beetle taxonomy, distribution, life history, biogeography, collection methods, and more. Most sections...
View Resource The Field Museum: PEET-Austral Staphylinidae

Staphylinidae, also known as rove beetles, is comprised by "one of the largest families of animals, presently including over 47,000 described species placed in roughly 3200 genera, grouped in up to 31 subfamilies, with many more species and genera yet to be described." The PEET (Partnerships for Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy) project and website from Chicago's Field Museum, is studying this...
View Resource Beetles

The beetles, or Coleoptera, are so abundant that it is said that one in every five living species on earth is a beetle. This Topic in Depth explores the vast insect order of Coleoptera. From the Zoological Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the first site (1) contains beautiful images and information sections regarding Morphology and Anatomy, Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Distribution,...