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United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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NASA Home Page

The Guide to NASA Online Resources showcases NASA and NASA-related scientific, educational and government resources of interest to both general Internet users and the NASA science community: JPL Information Archive, Space Telescope Science Institute (home of the Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive), NASA Spacelink, the NASA/NREN K-12 gopher along with pointers to image databases and software...
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This site allows the user to search up to seventeen databases for articles in the space and flight field. The databases include the Astrophysics Data System, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the Kennedy Space Center, and the Ames Research Center. The search results produce links to available articles, arranged by database. Fifteen fields of information are listed for each article and..., contains the latest information and news releases from NASA missions. Visitors can also find out information about NASA's four strategic enterprises: Aeronautics, Human Exploration and Development of Space, Mission to Planet Earth, and Space Science. NASA related sites describe current happenings at NASA and also provide homepages of NASA missions including the Cassini space probe,...
Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Report

This Review Panel Report represents the work of a review team contracted by NASA to analyze its programs and practices. Released this week, the report discusses findings relating to the failure of the Mars Climate Orbiter on September 23, 1999. The report also summarizes lessons learned from the mishap, gives an overview of NASA project management, identifies common themes related to recent...
Space Shuttle Independent Assessment Team (SIAT) Report

This Review Panel Report represents the work of a review team contracted by NASA to analyze its programs and practices. The 135-page "Space Shuttle Independent Assessment Team (SIAT) Report" reviews the Space Shuttle's "sub-systems and maintenance practices." The report identifies systemic problems and organizes them into nine main issues, discusses technical issues, and offers recommendations....
Terra: The EOS Flagship

In 1991, NASA launched the Earth Science Enterprise (ESE), a comprehensive program to study Earth System Science: how the Earth's systems of air, land, water, and life interact with each other. The ESE program uses a series of polar-orbiting and low inclination satellites to study long-term global observations of the Earth's land surface, oceans, biosphere, atmosphere, and solid earth. Launched...
Report of the Mars Program Independent Assessment Team

On March 28, NASA released the final report of the Mars Program Independent Assessment Team (MPIAT), formed to investigate the recent failure of the Mars Polar Lander. Headed by Thomas Young, the team concluded that they were "almost certain" that the accident was the result of a premature engine shutdown, probably caused by a spurious signal from one of the spacecraft's three landing legs,...
Terra: Images & Data Gallery

In April 2000, NASA released the first collection of images from Terra, "the first satellite to monitor daily -- and on a global scale -- how the Earth's atmosphere, lands, oceans, solar radiation and life influence each other" (discussed in the March 29, 2000 Scout Report for Science and Engineering). Launched in December, Terra has completed its on-orbit checkout and is now officially "open for...
Space Science Missions: Quick Links

From NASA's Office of Space Science, this metapage lists a wide variety of missions that are either under study, in development, currently in operation, or completed (those that ended after 1989). Users may access names of missions, brief descriptions, and links to missions by clicking on the category heading. Also available here are a few links to multi-mission programs, ground-based astronomy,...
Lost and Found: The Mars Lander

The National Imagery and Mapping Agency, a US Military organization that scrutinizes surveillance imagery, has discovered what might be the Mars Polar Lander (MPL) in an image of the Martian south pole from the NASA Mars Global Surveyor. NASA's MPL was due to land near the Martian south pole in December 1999,, but mission controllers lost contact with it during its descent. This news story from...
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