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Hydrothermal vents

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View Resource Huge New Hydrothermal Vent System Found on Seafloor

A new hydrothermal vent field, which scientists have dubbed "The Lost City," was discovered unexpectedly earlier this month on an undersea mountain at 30 degrees North on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This news item from the National Science Foundation discusses the discovery made by a team of researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Duke University, and the University of Washington during...
View Resource Life at Hydrothermal Vents

The first Web site is a NOVA Online Adventure from PBS (1). Into the Abyss decribes the "pitch darkness, poison gas, heavy metals, extreme acidity, and enormous pressure" found at hydrothermal vents, and offers a look at bizarre and fascinating creatures found in this environment. The next Web site from Exploring Earth, an online earth sciences text book, contains video clips taken during research...
View Resource NeMO: New Millennium Observatory

NOAA's New Millennium Observatory (NeMO) "studies the dynamic interactions between submarine volcanic activity and seafloor hotsprings at an observatory, Axial seamount." The website presents a host of information on the participants, tools, and cruise plans for past, present, and scheduled expeditions. Researchers can learn about the Remote Access Sampler (RAS) and a Bottom Access Pressure...