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Forest meteorology.


View Resource BOREAS (Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study)

BOREAS, the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study, was a large-scale international experiment in the boreal forests of Canada designed to understand how boreal forests "interact with the atmosphere, how much CO2 they can store, and how climate change will affect them." Although the project is now complete, a "Follow-On Project" will conduct further analyses of the BOREAS data. BOREAS data include...
View Resource Seeing Leaves in a New Light

This current feature from NASA's Earth Observatory focuses on the use of a new type of vegetation measurement called the leaf area index (LAI). The four page article describes how trees moderate climate, and how scientists think the LAI will be useful in modeling global climate change. The text is written for a general audience and includes images showing what LAI data actually looks like. When...