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Begun in 1992, the PRIVACY Forum is a moderated digest of "the discussion and analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy (both personal and collective) in the 'information age'." It is sponsored by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), internetMCI and Cisco Systems, but they do not influence its content. The digest mailing itself is a once- or twice-weekly publication,...
Chaffing and Winnowing: Confidentiality without Encryption

This paper, provided by Ronald L. Rivest, professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, proposes a new method of computer message security. The method is called "chaffing and winnowing." Messages are broken up into packets and each packet is appended with a "message authentication code" (MAC). Then "chaff," fake packets with fake MACs, is...
IDcide Privacy Companion

This new free plug-in for IE 4.0 and 5.0 (Netscape and other versions are under development) helps users reclaim some of their privacy with easy-to-use icons in their browser that let them know when they are being "watched" by tracking networks and enable them to block the cookies these networks use. Importantly, IDcide distinguishes between local cookies that users may wish to allow, and network...
Privacy International

Privacy International is a ten-year-old, London and Washington DC-based organization which serves as a watchdog on privacy issues ranging from " wiretapping and national security activities, to ID cards, video surveillance, data matching, police information systems, and medical privacy." Highlighted on the site is privacy-related news from around the world, with links to documents and Websites...


Backups are essential to avoiding data loss over the long term. To reduce the risk of data loss as much as possible, backups should be performed frequently and stored off site. When using cloud storage, backups should also be encrypted so that storage providers cannot rifle through them. Duplicati is a free and open source backup client designed with online backups in mind. All data is encoded...
Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center at the University of Rhode Island

Based at the University of Rhode Island, the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center (DFCSC) "supports state, national, and international public welfare through education, research, training, and service in forensic investigations and securing information systems." The website provides access to news from the fields of digital forensics and cyber security, along with working papers, materials...