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Education World's Best of 2000

In January 2001, Education World, a prime distributor of free K-12 educational materials on the Web, offers its annual "best of" series, collected from the previous year's articles and compilations on lesson plans, books in education, curriculum, school issues, teacher lessons, technology in the classroom (including Website reviews), and administration. There are ten links per series for a total...
Plants and Animals: Partners in Pollination

This Web site is just one of the many lesson plan categories available through the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies. Designed for grades 3-8, three pollination lesson plans are available for online viewing or .pdf download, along with a page of further teaching resources. Objectives include identifying the parts of a flower, describing the complimentary relationships between...
Agriculture in the Classroom

The US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agriculture in the Classroom Web site(last mentioned in the October 27, 1999 Scout Report for Science & Engineering) has recently been updated. One of the current features, Listening to the Prairie - Farming in Nature's Image, is a useful resource which has many lesson plans and classroom activities for all grades and can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat...
Teacher's Corner

From the National Park Service comes the Teachers Corner Web site on Badlands National Park. The lesson plans offered include erosion in a box, understanding rock layers, making dirt, muddying the waters, and more. Each lesson page gives a suggested grade range, key concepts, background, materials, procedure, results, and a why section that explains the scientific reasons behind the results. The...
The Archaeology Channel

Founded in 1999, the Archaeology Channel brings a host of short films about the practice of archaeology to the computers of visitors from around the globe in an attempt to inform the general public about this field and its continuing relevance. The site's homepage features some of the latest audio and video segments, along with links to additional commentaries, teacher resources, and news from the...
Teaching K-12 Economics

Sponsored by the University of Nebraska at Omaha Center for Economic Education (and part of the Economic Education Web), this website offers a panoply of resources for educators who may be looking for materials that will assist them in the teaching of basic and intermediate economic principles. Teachers can peruse sections that offer dozens of classroom activities and lesson plans, complete with...
Idaho State University: Biology Resources for Active Learning

The Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University offers this website as part of a project "to enhance teacher preparation in the sciences by emphasizing inquiry and experimental approaches to science teaching." The site offers one or two lesson plans (mostly at the high school level) for the following subjects: the cell; molecular basis of heredity; biological evolution;...
Finding Science in Ice Cream -- An Experiment for Secondary School Classrooms

Get the scoop on Ice Cream Science. Dr. Doug Goff, a professor of food science at University of Guelph, Ontario created this site to provide educators with supplemental information for a classroom experiment on ice cream making. This website provides information on many aspects of ice cream including the history, composition, manufacturing process, and structure. This site is designed for teachers...
The Rock Cycle

Teachers, are you looking for new activities to excite your students about the evolution of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks? This website, developed by the non-profit organization Math/Science Nucleus, provides numerous hands-on activities for each grade from kindergarten through sixth. The chemistry section deals with the mystery of why and how minerals and rocks are formed. The...
Shedd Aquarium: Learning Program Catalog

As the site notes, the Shedd Educational Adventures "contains a treasure trove of aquatic science resources for K-12 teachers and students." And it certainly does. The three main groupings of materials offered here include Lesson Plans, Interactives, and Explorer's Guides. In all, there must be hundreds of resources, searchable by both grade (pre-K through 12) and by topic. As an added bonus, the...
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