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View Resource Aerodynamics for Students

This Web site serves as an online aerodynamics textbook for college students. Offered by the department of Aerospace, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney, the material is divided into several main categories. These include fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, gasdynamics, aircraft performance, and propulsion. Each of these sections has many specific topics that are...
View Resource Vertical Motion Simulator

The Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS), at the NASA Ames Research Center, is an advanced flight simulation facility. This Web site provides thorough descriptions of all of the VMS systems. The VMS is a full immersion environment, complete with customizable cockpit, controls, and instrumentation to give the appearance of any aerospace vehicle. One of its most intriguing characteristics is...
View Resource Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are the subject of considerable attention in the governmental, scientific, and research communities. They are operated by onboard flight automation systems or remotely by a human pilot. Recently employed in Afghanistan and Iraq, UAVs can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and even combat. They also have many non-military applications. These sites illustrate...
View Resource Two on Powered Flight

Although the centennial anniversary of the Wright Brothers' groundbreaking achievement has come and gone, these two sites provide a unique glimpse into past events and future prospects. First, the companion website to a December 16, 2003 NOVA episode offers a retrospective on the Wright Brothers' Flying Machine. Several interactive features and picture galleries are provided. Additionally, the...
View Resource UC Museum of Paleontology-Berkeley: Vertebrate Flight Exhibit

This website features the UC Museum of Paleontology Vertebrate Flight Exhibit created by John R. Hutchinson, a graduate student in Dr. Kevin Padian's lab at UC-Berkeley. This site serves as a great introduction for teachers and students interested in the natural history, mechanics, or other aspects of vertebrate flight. The exhibit works like a tutorial organized under the heading: Learn the...
View Resource Fossett's Makes Aviation History

This article from CNN reports on the first non-stop solo flight around the world, completed by Steve Fossett on March 3. The article provides some basic facts about the accomplishment, such as the distance (19,880 nautical-miles or 36,818 kilometers) and time (67 hours and two minutes). The touchdown is also described in detail as well as some highlights from the trip. A section on related links...