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Linux Documentation Project

The Linux guru (or guru wanna-be) should bookmark this site. Linux is UNIX freeware available for Intel's x86, Motorola's 680x0, DECS's Alpha CPU and Sun's sun4c and sun4m machines, and is currently being ported to the PowerPC architecture. This meta-site contains documentation in many different languages, links to a great number of applications and utilities that run on Linux, user groups...
WINNT-L: Windows NT/2000 Discussion List

WINNT-L is an open, unmoderated give-and-take forum relating to Microsoft's Windows NT operating system. (WINNT-L is running on L-Soft's LISTSERV TCP-IP Version 1.8b for Windows NT.) The list will cover both the Workstation and Advanced Server versions.
Mac06: The POSIX compatible OS for MacOS

Mac06 (pronounced "Mac oh six") is a POSIX-compatible environment (library and a system kernel) for the MacOS. Its features include a UNIX-like file system using HFS with full Finder integration; POSIX libc.a and #include headers; a curses library; a POSIX shell; many basic UNIX commands, such as cd, cat, find, fgrep, etc.; a software development environment; and sockets for TCP/IP. Mac06 is a...
Inferno 2.0

Inferno, created at Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs, is a new operating system that could be the "Unix for the next century." Created by the same research lab that invented C++ and Unix, Inferno's primary goal is to operate seamlessly within a heterogeneous network environment. By abstracting resource interfaces to a common format, Inferno provides a general way to access all resources, both local...
The Network is the User Experience: Microsoft's .NET Announcement

The latest issue of Jakob Nielsen's well-respected Alertbox analyzes Microsoft's .NET announcement made last week, which he describes as a "brilliant strategic move against the Justice Department." "Browsers," Nielsen declares, "must die as independent applications" as the main user interactions will in the future be mediated by network services and not by their operating systems. The article...
Mac OS X public beta

Mac OS X (read OS ten) is Apple's next-generation operating system and represents the largest overhaul of the Mac OS to date. Mac OS X promises to bring key technical features such as protected memory (which prevents an individual application from crashing the entire system) to the Macintosh platform for the first time. In addition to completely replacing the underpinnings of the Mac OS, Apple is...
Mac OS X 10.1 Update

Apple released an update to its Mac OS X operating system. The update brought marked performance enhancements and several new features, such as data CD and DVD burning as well as DVD playback; Audio CD burning was added in an earlier update.
Rewind, Repair, Replay: Three R's to Dependability

One of the most important features in current software applications is the undo command, which allows users to revert to previous states in their documents. A relatively unexplored concept involves system undo, a method of restoring settings in a system that were accidentally changed by the operator. This research paper discusses "a model of undo that matches the needs of human error recovery and...
Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is one of the specialized sites stemming from Dr. Dobb's Journal. In addition to serving as an excellent source of news and product development articles, the site is a portal to many other Internet resources on embedded system applications. Information tailored to specific programming languages, like C++, Java, and many others, is grouped into separate categories. There are also...
Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide

This tutorial, hosted by The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP), covers most of the basics needed to understand and use the Linux operating system (OS). A derivative of UNIX, Linux is a popular OS used in many technical applications. Thus, it is probably not intended for home users. It is mostly text-based, but there are some screenshots and figures of various tools. The author does a good job...
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