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World Database of Crystallographers

The World Database of Crystallographers and of Other Scientists Employing Crystallographic Methods is offered by the International Union of Crystallography. The simple database can be searched by family name, title, interests, address, and various other criteria. Results include basic information such as full name, position, institution address, degrees held, key interests, and contact...

Created by Dr.Steffen Weber, the Quasicrystals Web site provides an introduction to this relatively new field of crystallography. Although much of the site is highly technical, those interested in related subjects will find exploring the thorough descriptions and interactive Java applets rewarding. The introduction explains what quasicrystals are, their types, experimental techniques, morphology,...
Bilbao Crystallographic Server

Developed by the Materials Laboratory at the University of Basque Country, Spain, the Bilbao Crystallographic Server supplies crystallographic programs and databases using the International Tables for Crystallography. The website is divided into six sections to help users gather their needed information efficiently. Within each section, users can chose specific criteria to find data and can view...
Crystallography Tutorial

Michael R. Sawaya, a researcher at UCLA, provides crystallographic software tutorials to help researchers and students determine their crystal structure. First, users can discover four procedures they should perform to characterize their crystal after they have a native dataset. Students can find helpful, detailed information about six molecular replacement programs and about the phasing process....