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Meteorology -- Arctic regions -- Observations.


R-ArcticNET: A Regional, Electronic, Hydrographic Data Network For the Arctic Region

Provided by the Global Hydrology Research Group at the University of New Hampshire, this impressive, electronic, regional hydrometeorological data bank is designed "to support pan-Arctic hydrological sciences and water resource assessment in the Arctic regions." To access the database, select a 15-degree block area (and then specific stations within each block) from a color map of the Arctic...
International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP)

The University of Washington's International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) "maintains a network of automatic data buoys in the Arctic Basin which monitor synoptic-scale fields of pressure, temperature, and ice motion to support real-time operations and meteorological and oceanographic research." A rich array of information includes monthly buoy maps, data sets, buoy reports, and a buoy motion and...
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S.

The Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) was created in 1988 with the goal of facilitating discussion of important arctic research initiatives, and also producing science reports with research community recommendations for arctic science priorities. Visitors to the site can learn more about their work by clicking on the "About ARCUS" section. After that, visitors should look through some...