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Unearthing Important Fossils

Over the past several weeks, a flurry of dinosaur and other fossil discoveries have reached the mainstream news. From the two 530-million-year-old fish-like creatures that could be the earliest known vertebrates found in China, to the bones of two dinosaurs in Madagascar that may be the oldest dinosaurs ever found, to the "60-ton giraffe-like creature" (3) found in Oklahoma (called Sauroposeidon...
Rulers of the Jurassic Seas

Available free from Scientific American's Website, this article takes a thorough and fascinating look at the marine reptiles known as Ichthyosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic Era. The text covers recent discoveries about the evolution of Ichthyosaurs from land dwelling reptiles, including limb adaptations. Highlights of the article are special sections about ichthyosaur eyes and diet, and color...
Gobi Desert Fossil Leads to New Interpretation of Ostrich-like Dinosaur

A team of paleontologists working in Cretaceous-aged rocks of the Gobi Desert have unearthed a dinosaur fossil containing a comb-like plate very similar to the filter-feeding structure in a duck's bill. An article by Norell, Makovicky and Currie, published in this week's Nature, describes the finding. The dinosaur, Gallimimus, was a fast-running, largish, beaked creature closely related to...
Jurassic Park Institute: Dino Lab

Created as a "science-based and educationally focused program," the Jurassic Park Institute (JPI) aims to provide "kids, families, educators and scientists with the ultimate resource for dinosaur learning and fun." As would be expected from a project of Universal Studios, the JPI Dino Lab Web site is packed with cool computer animation and other multimedia features. Visitors to this site become...
Tramline Virtual Field Trips: Dinosaurs Field Trip

Hosted by Tramline Virtual Field Trips, this online field trip was created by educator Theresa Hughes-Feletar to teach young students (grades 1-3) about dinosaurs. Hughes-Feletar's virtual field trip links to a variety of quality websites about dinosaurs to create an integrated learning experience. The field trip links -- or Stops as the website refers to them -- provide information about dinosaur...
Dinosaur Illustrations

Are you searching for images of dinosaurs? If so, then set your sights on David Goldman's website of dinosaur illustrations. Mr. Goldman, a dinosaur aficionado, has created a nicely organized site connecting visitors to an impressive online network of dinosaur artwork. The website hosts a diverse and extensive collection of dinosaurs including the Allosaurus, Hadrosaur, Oviraptor, Pteranodon, and...
BBC Science & Nature: Prehistoric Life

The BBC is well-regarded for their laudable efforts to provide high-quality online content that complements their fine radio and television offerings. Devised as part of their general Science and Nature website, this particular corner of the web offers a number of educational resources on prehistoric life. The casual visitor may want to take a look through some of the highlights offered here,...
Dino Directory

Do you know your Gallinimus from your Barosaurus? If not, it may be high time to take a close look at The Natural History Museum’s Dino Directory. Updated regularly, the Dino Directory provides basic information on 229 of the most well described dinosaurs. Complemented by 933 images, the dinosaurs can be searched by scientific name, body shape, or by time period. One very nice feature of the site...
Dinosaurs: Activities and Lesson Plans

Dinosaurs are fascinating and exciting for young students, which makes them a useful subject for science teachers to deploy in lessons about geology, evolution, the fossil record, taxonomy, and other topics. From the American Museum of Natural History (previously featured in the 06-18-2018 Scout Report), this collection features curriculum resources designed for Grades 5-8. Among the materials are...