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Graph theory

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View Resource The Mathematics of Data Analysis

From the New Jersey Networking Infrastructure in Education and the Stevens Institute of Technology, the Mathematics of Data Analysis page provides a succinct lesson for developing "the necessary skills need[ed] to effectively use graphing techniques to analyze a wide range of data." The instruction begins with finding the slope of a line, moves on to using data to find a slope, and finishes with...
View Resource The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

This free electronic journal focuses on current research in combinatorics. The material included in the journal is quite substantial; over 20 papers from mathematicians around the world comprise the latest volume. Each paper describes rigorous proofs, algorithms, and other issues related to the author's investigations of combinatorial theory. There is also a section with numerous combinatorics...
View Resource Graph Theory

Graph theory is widely used in computer science, engineering and of course, mathematics. Wikipedia offers this definition and overview of Graph Theory (1). This next website from Mega-Math (2) reviews some of the Vocabulary of Graphs and highlights some applications for graph theory, such as the design of computer systems and games. Some additional applications for Graph Theory are discussed in...