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Streamflow -- United States

View Resource Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of the United States

This map from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) provides real-time data of streamflow conditions as measured at USGS gauging stations around the country. By selecting areas within a state on the map, users receive daily provisional data (which may be subject to revision) on current conditions and flood thresh-holds, as well as streamflow, stage, and rainfall graphs. Historic data and...
View Resource A New Evaluation of the USGS Streamgaging Network: A Report to Congress

This 1999 Report to Congress describes the USGS's operation of the streamgaging network. The streamgaging network was designed to collect information about the Nation's water resources, and has been operational since 1889. The report may be browsed online or downloaded as a .pdf file (2,551 Kb).
View Resource ARS Water Database

From the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) comes the ARS Water Database Web site. The database is a collection of precipitation and streamflow data from small agricultural watersheds in the United States, including variable time-series readings sufficient in detail to reconstruct storm hydrographs and hyetographs. Users can choose from any US...
View Resource USGS: WaterWatch

The United States Geological Survey pays keen attention to a number of physical processes around the country, and they are no less vigilant in their efforts to study water resources. Visitors to this site will first notice the map of real-time streamflow activity right in the middle of the homepage. The data is organized into seven percentile classes that draw on historical data to illustrate how...