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Storytelling -- Periodicals


icon magazine

Designed and produced by Harvard undergraduates, icon is "part magazine, part gallery, part forum . . . a participatory space where the power of stories is given a new freedom and saddled with a new responsibility." The stories and poems offered in the current issue (Spring 1999) are wide-ranging: straightforward text, hypertext poetry, stories interlaced with images and changing backgrounds,...
1000 Journals

Last mentioned in the July 9, 2004 Scout Report, 1000 Journals is a Museum 2.0 project (where the audience participates in as well as views the project) from SFMOMA. Organized by Someguy, a San Francisco-based artist and designer, 1000 journals were circulated beginning in August of 2000, initially only to people who asked for them, these people then added something to the journal - writing,...