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Web sites -- Authoring programs

View Resource Au2HTML

Au2HTML is a tool aimed at Webmasters and others who are interested in developing Webpage galleries. Its most useful feature allows the creation of thumbnails from images of varying file formats. Customizable thumbnail options include image size and the border style. Au2HTML also comes with an HTML editor and can be integrated with your FTP client to ease file transfers. The registration fee is...
View Resource Magnt

Have you thought about creating your own website? Perhaps you feel that it might take too much time or be too complicated? Never fear, as Magnt is here. After signing up for a free account, Magnt will walk you through the creation of a personal website by using a number of existing templates and customized graphics. Also, users can bring together all of their social networks on their site, which...
View Resource Google Sites

There seems to be no end to the innovative free products Google launches. Google Sites, a wiki- and Web page-creation service is no exception. Besides being able to connect with and leverage all of Google's other products (Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, etc.) right on the site, Google's intranet creation and management tool allows users to create a page with customizable and simple...

View Resource Haiku Learning

Created by the educational software company PowerSchool, Haiku Learning is a tool that enables educators to build customized webpages for their classrooms. With Haiku Learning, teachers can create assignments, student calendars, and grade books. In addition, teachers may embed content from around the internet (such as YouTube videos, news articles, Google Maps, or podcast) into their classroom...

View Resource Jekyll

Jekyll is a static website generator that includes support for common blog features, such as post categories and permalinks. It takes a folder of text files written in a lightweight markup language and renders these to HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Out of the box, Jekyll understands Markdown, Textile, and Liquid markup. Support for other formats (e.g., ReStructuredText) are available as plugins. The...

View Resource Zola

Zola is a static site generator that takes a "batteries included" approach. It is distributed as a single executable file that does not depend on any external libraries. Additionally, the sites that Zola generates do not require external JavaScript libraries to provide features like syntax highlighting, breadcrumb navigation, or tables of contents. As with other static site generators, the pages...