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Engineering -- Moral and ethical aspects

View Resource Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Established in 1995 under a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Ethics center is designed to provide "engineers, scientists, science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work life" or for including ethical problems in their courses. To that end, this site offers an array of resources. In the...
View Resource Online Ethics Center at the National Academy of Engineering

Engineering is a key part of the modern world, and many engineering students (and teachers) crave high-quality materials on engineering ethics. Fortunately for such individuals, the Online Ethics Center (OEC) is a great place to find such materials. The OEC became an activity of the National Academy of Engineering in March 2007, and since then their online offerings have grown significantly. The...
View Resource Ethical questions abound as scientists and others consider the effects of geoengineering projects

Building a better volcano Engineering the Climate A Novel Geoengineering Idea: Increase the Ocean's Quotient of Whale...